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At Kappler, we’re experts in luxury dental office design. We dedicate every design we make to two goals: How it looks for the patients and how it works for the dentist.

You can find many dental office designs that look impressive and delight the eye, but the delight of the dental staff using them is short-lived. It is well known that the most common disease or ailment impacting dentists and their team is back and neck pain. And this is where designing for health makes an impact on the staff experience.

Many out-of-the-box designs do nothing to reduce the ongoing neck and back pain that are the everyday plights of the modern dental professional. At Kappler, we have the expertise to solve these ergonomic problems while creating a stunning office space.

Dental Office Design for the People

A superior office design from Kappler combines two goals: Great ergonomics and great style.

The Best Dental Office Architects, the Best Dental Office Furniture

Kappler Design is part of the same Kappler Med+Org with a worldwide reputation for cutting-edge dental furniture design. So no one knows more about ergonomic, health-centric design for your office.

making dental cabinetry hand-made
We design our custom-made Kappler dentist office furniture pieces for superior ergonomics as well as durability and beauty.

Ergonomics play a vital role in the health and longevity of a dentist’s career. You cannot ignore the details when designing an efficient office. Countertops must be at the optimal height; supplies stored close at hand; clutter kept to a minimum; nothing is intruding into your working space—even with four-handed dentistry models. Yet everything the assistants need is within reach without overly extending, bending, or stretching. And for the dentist, a free range of motion makes long hours in the operatory feel less fatiguing and more productive.

With the proper ergonomics, your whole staff can do more and feel better at the end of the day!

Putting the Wow in Dental Office Design

When our clients come to us, they usually know what they want. They want an office that makes patients feel like they’re someplace special. A place that symbolizes dentistry on a higher level and makes them feel calm and well-cared for, a space that is imminently ‘instagrammable.’

reception area of dental office Kappler dental office furniture
At Kappler, we put the ‘WOW’ in every dental office design. Like this one in Rochester, NY, a great example of what it means to be highly “instagrammable.”

The truth is, being a good dentist doesn’t automatically mean patients will come to your office. Patients don’t know about all your great dental technology. They may not see how skilled you are when they search for your dentistry online.

Nothing makes a better first impression on patients than the beauty of a Kappler luxury dental office. And they’ll want to share the experience with their friends.

But what you can count on is making a fantastic first impression when they walk into your practice. And that first impression provides a ‘halo effect’ for everything clients experience during their treatment. And as every good marketer knows, the best marketing you can do is make a happy patient that shares their experience with everyone they know!

At Kappler, we understand this and ensure that every dental office interior design is different for each dentist. The materials used, the furniture chosen, the source and kind of illumination, and the amenities in the waiting area are all reflections of the unique nature of your practice.


When working with our designers, you will have various options to choose from that create these ‘wow factor’ experiences. A dental practice may have massive glass windows designed to show off its facilities. You may choose to create a luxurious restroom experience to provide a sanctuary for patients to adjust their makeup and clothing. You may decide to offer refreshments with a dedicated tea and coffee station. Entertainment may be something you want to take to the next level with enhanced video screens that provide educational material.

Kappler luxury dental office design operatory for dentists
A Kappler-designed operatory makes patients feel comfortable and calm and gives the dentist and assistants an optimal ergonomic workspace.

No matter your preference, at Kappler, we can explore a myriad of approaches to deliver the Wow. The Wow that will encourage your patients to tell their friends and neighbors about your practice.

Work with the Leader of LUXURY Dental Office Design 

At Kappler, we pride ourselves on being invaluable for dental office furniture and luxury dental office design. We create dental interior designs that are beautiful and seamless, with workflows that increase your productivity and patient/staff well-being. Talk to us about what we can do for you in designing the dental office of your dreams.