The difference between dental office interior design and general interior design can be huge.

When it comes to dental practices, many working pieces make up an efficient dental office. General interior designers don’t know how a dental office works, what equipment is needed, where it should go, and what the staff requires to make them most effective. You need a team that is an expert in dental office interior design.

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When it comes to dental office Interior design, Kappler Makes the Difference

Ultimately, dental office interior design isn’t just an aesthetic challenge; it’s also a functional 
one. A well-designed dental office is a machine that can make your dental career more successful, more efficient, and less stressful. Only experts in the field understand workflow and how to maximize productivity in a dental office.

It’s this knowledge that sets Kappler apart from general interior designers. We have decades of experience under our belt in designing successful dental offices in North America and Europe.

We provide you with 70 years of experience in dental office interior design and the overall dental industry.

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The right dental office interior design will ensure a more efficient dental practice. We can design a beautiful space that increases your workflow and saves you valuable time.

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I love my new office!

Kappler's designs are gorgeous, incredibly functional, and they think of things no one else ever did (ie. how acoustics and lighting play a role in the overall look and feel). The final product of my dental office design looked exactly like the VR tour I was shown months earlier. I would use Kappler Design again in a heartbeat. Thank you for all you do. I LOVE my office!

Thank you Kappler Design!

We have started seeing patients and they are loving the experience. I am so glad that I listened to Holger.

Kappler helped me achieve my vision!

When I set out to find a dental office design team, I knew the look I wanted. It was not a look that was cookie cutter, but a modern, custom design where patients wanted to take a ‘selfie.’

I'm proud to show my patients.

As an artist and practicing Dentist, I knew that great design is important. My new office combines beautiful design with industry leading quality and efficiency. Now, I have an office that will last a lifetime.

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We create a custom concept of your office's design for your individual space and vision. From here, you will see a birds-eye view of your office's layout. This sets the foundation for designing a productive office space, and we'll walk you through step-by-step exactly why we've made specific decisions for layout. This is the first step in our dental office design process and for creating an efficient office space.


You can see exactly how your office will look before it’s built. Together, we will pick furnishings, finishes, and accessories. This will give you a sense of how your dental office will look once it's done. You'll be able to envision your staff working in this new space and the possibilities.

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construction_documents dental_office_interior_design_dental_office_design


This is the set of drawings that you will hand over to your contractors for construction. This way, we can assure that your contractors have everything they need to build your office just the way we planned and designed it for you. This is an essential step in the dental office design process.


We know building a new office can be a lot, especially if it is your first one. We are here to support you throughout the construction process so you can focus on your daily work. Kappler will coordinate between contractors, subs, landlords, etc., to ensure the successful completion of your dental office design project.

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For over 70 years, the Kappler Company has delighted clients
and patients with stunning designs and elegant workflow efficiencies. We're experts in Dental Office Design and can make your practice more profitable.

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    Let’s talk about something only the dental professional can appreciate: Dental Office Efficiency. The interior design of a dental office needs to improve the dentist’s workflow, conserve energy, and eliminate costly distractions.

    As custom dental office designers, we focus on increasing efficiency in dental office design. We started in Germany but now are a global leader in dental office design and cabinetry. We elevate function to its highest level. We want you to be empowered in dentistry to advance your practice to its optimum efficiency and aesthetic.

    We believe:

    There is no one-size-fits-all for your practice; we customize every project to each client.

    Organization and the proper workflow for your patients, staff, and instruments can elevate your dentistry.

    The function behind every dental office interior design, and every piece of furniture we create, is far more than just a pretty look. Our design is a solution – the result of careful study, observation, and decades of experience.

    Our global and timeless approach is unique in the dental office design field. You won’t find another company that designs fixtures for your office, customizes them to fit your specific needs, then pulls it all together with a new dental office design that maximizes your workflow. It’s all perfectly designed for the way you work best!

    We can build you an office that significantly boosts your workflow and saves you precious time.




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