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The best dental office designs are created with beauty, quality, and efficiency in mind. Kappler Company has 70+ years experience delivering customized dental office designs around the globe.

Our dental practice design process and manufacturing experience removes the middleman, allowing you to be in the dental office of your dreams on time and under budget.

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State-of-the-Art Dental Office Designs by Kappler


Kappler is a dental office design company that creates state of the art, ultra efficient dental offices thanks to their 70+ years of globally recognized designs. 

Texas Dental Office design - Traditional and Modern Dental Office Design - Kapper Design Company

Rockwall, Texas

Traditional and modern design blended together in perfect harmony. We combined the warmth and coziness of traditional interiors with the crisp clean edge of modern design for this dental office interior. Rustic wood beams highlight the tall ceilings while stacked stone feature walls add texture to the space. Large windows are coupled with sleek white cabinets give this dental office a modern look.

california dental office design - Nordic Hygge Office design - Kappler Design Company

Cupertino, California

Nordic Modern Design

The Nordic nature - the water, the tree, the light and the air. Nordic design, also known as Hygge interior design, promotes coziness, comfort, wellness, and contentment. We brought these elements inside with this dental office interior design in California. Wood flooring, glass walls, and bronze accens complete the design with clean modern lines

New York Dental Office Design - Minimalist Office Design - Kappler Design Company

Rochester, New York

Sophisticated Minimalism

This dental office design in New York is a perfect example of how we work with our clients to create a custom dental interior design. The black and white color palette paired with simple furnishings epitomized the style of our client. Adding a few pops of red around the office gave this space a bit of added personality. We were fortunate to have large windows in this building and were able to design an eco-friendly garden for the interior of the office.

Dentists are raving about Kappler Design…

I wanted an office that was state of the art and would get the ‘wow factor’ from patients. Now my office is globally recognized and I am so happy with the results! Thank you Kappler Cabinetry!
— Dr. Mona Patel
dr mona patel kappler client dental office design
When I set out to find a dental office design team, I knew the look I wanted. It was not a look that was cookie cutter, but a modern, custom design where patients wanted to take a ‘selfie.’ Kappler helped me achieve this vision.
— Dr. Kaveh Baharvand
dr kaveh baharvand client dental office design

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A beautiful space that increases your workflow and saves you time.

kapper dental office design consultation

Design Consultation

We want to get to know you: how you work and how you live. An initial questionaire and consultation call will help us better understand your dental office designs. We'll work with you to design the perfect dental floor plan for your practice. It's all about you!

Kappler Design Company dental office design consultation

Conceptual Design

Communication is key! From schematics to product selection, we partner with and colloborate with you through every step in creating your custom dental office. You'll be given your own pesonal design book, consisting of detailed drawings and professional 3D renderings. Finally, you'll have the chance to experience your vision with a virtual tour of your redesisged dental office before it is even built!

dental office floor plans Kappler

Design Development

Once you have approved the final concept of your dental office floor plan, we work alongside the project's architect and contractor to ensure a successful project; keeping in mind that time is of the essense. With Kappler, every drawing, every minute detail is accounted for as we manage product delivery, troubleshooting, and construction from begining until completion of your newly built dental office.