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From idea concept to opening day, Kappler Design offers a comprehensive list of services to help you realize your dream dental practice. Tell us your vision and we will make your dream dental office a reality. Our team will help identify the right contractor, materials, and manage the day-to-day process so you can spend more time doing what you love.

dental office space planning

At Kappler, we believe that the space plan and workflow of a dental office is the most crucial part of the design process. A great space plan not only improves productivity and growth, but it can also increase the comfortability of patients.

Our custom office plans come from 70+ years of building state of the art dental practices across the world. We believe that every dental office is as unique as the dentist and every plan should show that authentic reflection.

Why not visualize your dream dental office before it is built? We’ll design a 3D rendering to show you exactly how your office will look before we begin the building phase. Together, we will pick furnishings, finishes, accessories, and technologies. This will give you a great sense of confidence in knowing what exactly is going to be built and how it will look once it’s finished.

This is the set of drawings that you will handover to your contractors for construction. To get the best outcome for your design, we always recommend having the design & Construction Documents from the same company. At Kappler, we strive to ensure that your design renderings match reality upon project completion.


They listened to what we wanted in our office and helped draw a floor plan that had a great flow with the most efficient use of the space. We cannot speak highly enough of Holger, Julia, and their entire team! We love them as people and we loved doing business with them. High Quality company, High Quality people, who I highly RECOMMEND!


I am thankful to have partnered with Kappler on this journey. I know we could not have done it without their endless support, clear vision and gracious guidance. Kappler’s signature is all over our office, but their fingerprints are as well!

I love my new office!

Kappler's designs are gorgeous, incredibly functional, and they think of things no one else ever did (ie. how acoustics and lighting play a role in the overall look and feel). The final product of my dental office design looked exactly like the VR tour I was shown months earlier. I would use Kappler Design again in a heartbeat. Thank you for all you do. I LOVE my office!

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