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You’ve decided it’s time to expand your practice or add an additional office. It’s a big investment of time and money so it’s important to make the process as efficient as possible. 

Over the years we know you have acquired a storehouse of dental office design ideas and a plethora of great dental office design resources. Plus, you probably have key pain points where you plan on making major changes in your next office design or dental office renovation.

As a leader among dental office design companies, we can build on your experience and take it to the next level. We’re experts in planning dental offices internationally. With more than seventy years’ experience we can help you in building your new, state of the art dental offices.

When you start working with us, there are some questions we try to answer with our clients in order to achieve amazing dental office designs. In this article, you will find a collection of helpful information to consider when deciding your next steps in your new design.

Kappler has world-wide success in designing second and third custom dental offices for the most successful practitioners.

The Best Dental Office Design Starts Here.

Innovations are happening at a rapid pace in the dental design industry. In order to create your best dental office design, you must stay ahead of the curve. At Kappler we help you through this process by creating a zoning plan true to size in CAD. This helps us plan what your office will contain in order to be a highly efficient machine that is ready to evolve as future advances take hold in dentistry.

During the entire process, it’s important to keep future needs in the back of your mind. Make sure dedicated areas have enough space to grow and evolve in the future. This will be a huge advantage down the road.

Space planning is the first building block in designing your new dental office.

New Associate, Not a New Dentist

Planning a new dental office construction project is expensive. When you work with the best dental office design company, we do everything we can to deliver the dental design of your dreams. That is why we know we want to plan for growth in your practice. When it comes to opening a new office, great design isn’t enough. Growth, many times, will require a new associate to join your team. A new associate on-site will help to direct your new dental office while also being crucial to your growth and efficiency goals.

Associates are often less experienced, junior partners who will help build your dental practice to the next level. However, it is important to have requirements that help increase the probability of success when making this type of investment.

The more experience an associate has, the better the chances of getting your new office off to a strong start. It makes sense to interview associates during the design and build process as you may want them to be involved in offering their dental design ideas. How they like to work and what makes them most productive are important considerations in making your new dental office plan a success.

Four-handed procedures may be a favorite with your new associate. Knowing that ahead of time can improve the efficiency of your new office. Kappler can configure the optimal design.

New Office, New Specialties

If you’ve been thinking about adding new specialties to your practice beyond general dentistry, a new dental office design is a critical step forward in this process. Each specialty has its own requirements that have to be considered as you create your new design. Below are a few considerations when exploring specialties in your new dental office:

Periodontist requirements: Many practices like to dedicate one operatory specifically for periodontics as well as one for overflow.

Orthodontist requirements: Many times younger patients will be accompanied by parents, so it is important to consider dedicating a room to handle the extra visitors. Also, to prioritize shorter appointments and faster turnover, make sure to design with more four-handed procedures in mind.

Endodontist requirements: The endodontist will need a large enough room to accommodate an intraoral microscope. You may consider a dedicated consultation room for presenting cases and financial arrangements. 

One of our signature designs is the Manhattan Consultation Station. It’s an elegant solution to presenting treatment plans that free up operatory space.

Oral Surgeon requirements: A dedicated recovery area is an important consideration as this will assist patients’ recovery post-surgery and will add to a better patient experience.

Prosthodontist requirements: An on-site laboratory is an important design consideration for this specialty. Design considerations may include a wide range of services such as creating and adjusting crowns to denture repairs. Special care must be given to allow enough ergonomic workspace to properly serve patients.

The Best Dental Office Design is the Most Efficient

When designing your second office, it’s important to undertake a workflow analysis. This is a sophisticated procedure that Kappler Design can help you accomplish. It’s helpful in identifying redundancies, work bottlenecks, and inefficient dental office floor plans.

Rarely is this process a complete overhaul of dental workflows. Rather, it is painstaking detective work to uncover small inefficiencies that waste valuable time and profits. 

During procedures, more slowdowns can occur if all the tools needed are not close at hand. 

Likewise, if X-rays are needed, it makes sense to have separate machines in each operatory. Staff will never have to wait to use them, and if one breaks down it only affects one operatory.

Sterilization, laboratory, radiograph, and storage should be as close to the Ops as possible. The workflow starts and ends in the sterilization and storage area.

These ideas are only scratching the surface of what a workflow analysis might discover in your practice, which is a crucial discipline to go through before building your next dental practice. You will not want to repeat past mistakes in a brand new design. We are here to help you solve them.

Kappler dental office design ideas
Two computers in an operatory may seem redundant, but it could speed up procedures significantly if it eliminates delays.

Talk to Us About Your New Dental Office Design

At Kappler, we’re an invaluable resource for dental office design ideas. We can create a dental office interior design that is more than just aesthetically pleasing. It will be a highly refined tool for your practice. A dental office plan that helps you be more effective and more profitable. Come to Kappler for dental office interior design that WOWs your patients and keeps them coming back.