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From material selection, to stylized forms, and integrated technology, here are the four essential elements of how dental office design is moving forward. 

Green Dental Office Design

Honest Materials offers a timeless design that blends modern technology with authentic materials. When that are used together the atmosphere feels familiar, authentic and closely attached to traditional values. Therefore patients instantly feel at ease in the space! Visually, this trend combines materials and colors that create a cozy environment. Wood and platinum are met with colors like merlot, pacific, and green moss. Antique gold or brass accents underline the authenticity of the trend. The integration of nature indoors is a key feature in this trend.

Pure Shapes, aims at stylish, clean lines and minimalist fittings, leaving a mark with its translucent, calming colors. The ambiance has a hygienic, purist effect without giving the patients a sense of cold or clinical. Trendy, individual splashes of color add special highlights to these spaces. With this in mind, designers are emphasizing clear shapes which radiate purity. Metallic elements, elegant marble, and sparing color accents impart tranquility. One of our favorite practices that embodies this trend is, Pacifica Dental (reception displayed at the top of this page). Water and light are the core pieces of this practice’s design concept, elegantly creating an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation for there patients. From the stunning natural light, blue accents, and waved themed elements, clean lines and pure shapes are abound throughout the office. This office showcases the trend Pure Shapes with the harmonious blend of all the design features listed above. 

Cheerful Patterns is characterized by adventurous, fun and relaxed details. Fresh, bold, cheery colors combined with unconventional shapes leave an unmistakable impression. This trend will liven up the room and win over your patients with their youthful design.  Fresh, bright, and cheerful colors such as stop sign red, ochre, and sapphire leave a lasting impression. These colors are used in moderation where they will leave the biggest imapct. Combined with carbon, marble, and white, these colors have an invigorating effect and complement this trend. Here we see cheerful patterns being implemented through artwork, colored accents walls and furnishings.

Embellished Elegance  is a combination of innovative technology and materials, accentuated with extravagant and glamorous details. Patients with a weakness for the tasteful, stylish and luxurious design will feel right at home! Materials like chrome, platinum silver, and carbon look glamorous and stand for elegance. Fresh colors such as lavender, fresh green, and metallic beige ensure modern variety. A true balance between soft and luxurious with polished glamour.

One often talks of ‘timeless’ design. That is a title that has a very high level of expectation… every design is characterized by the ‘zeitgeist’ of a certain era. However, it must also be innovative and unique, as it has a particular value for the practice.

Andreas Riles
(Product Design, Project Management, and Strategic Consultancy for Dentsply Sirona)