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Learn the Modern dental office design ideas Kappler uses to help your dental practice be more efficient and profitable.

At Kappler Design, a world-class dental office design company, we serve two masters with every dental office we design the Eye and the Mind.

The Eye is obvious; which means a practice that delights the eye with its originality, beauty and quality. This idea is best summed up by one of our recent clients, Dr. Kaveh Baharvand:

I knew the look I wanted. A modern dental office design where patients wanted to take a ‘selfie!’

Countless selfies later, Dr. B’s mission has been accomplished.

But for now, let’s talk about something only the dental professional can appreciate: Dental Office Efficiency. Dental office design that serves the Mind maximizes a dentist’s workflow, conserves their energy, and minimizes distractions.

As custom dental office designers, the Kappler family has been passionately dedicated to efficiency in dental office design for over 70 years. We are now a worldwide leader in dental office cabinetry, reception design for dental clinics, and general dental design that elevates function to its highest level from our start in Germany. Kappler creates empowering dentistry designs that promote every practice to its’ optimum efficiency and aesthetic.

Today the third and fourth generations of this proud family company, Holger and Julia Kappler, are expanding the Kappler philosophy by applying the same rigorous design parameters to the best dental office designs around the globe.

This global perspective and timeless approach are unique in dental office design. No one else designs fixtures for your office, customizes them to fit your specific needs (and for less because there’s no middle-man), then surrounds them with a modern dental office design that maximizes workflow efficiencies. All perfectly designed for the way you work best!

We can build you a revolutionary space that increases your workflow and saves you precious time from beginning to end.

Here are just a few dental office design ideas that Kappler Design uses to help your dental practice be more efficient and profitable.


Prepare To Be Studied!

Dental office interior design is a very personal matter. So Kappler wants to know you: how you work and how you live. Every detail matters when it comes to creating your new dentist’s office. Kappler Design collaborates with you from schematics to product selection through every step. Clients love our 3-D virtual walk-through, which allows them to understand the patient and staff flow.

Eliminate Needless Steps

When supplies are needed, Kappler believes it makes sense to store them as close as possible to where they’re needed. A great example is the Kappler Sirona X-ray cabinet. It measures just 90mm deep and hugs the wall right behind the unit, placing all needed supplies discreetly within reach.



Clear Traffic Jams

There’s a famous case study where staff and patients rolled blue yarn out as they went about their daily business, offering an eye-opening demonstration of inefficient movement. You may be experiencing the same thing in your dental office design. Kappler will consider the daily workflow of your patients and staff to design the best dental office that meets your needs. The results will give us reliable data for how to create your new dental office’s floor plan from the reception design for your dental clinic to your revolutionary dental operatory design.

Dental Office Operatory Designs

In many practices (especially larger ones), operatories go online at different times. Inconsistencies between the spaces creep in, causing dentists and assistants to waste time as they acclimate from one operatory to another. Your redesign is the perfect opportunity to standardize and optimize your workflow. With decades of experience, Kappler can suggest various dental office best practices make sure you maximize profitability and growth potential in your new dental office design.

Good Interior Design Feels Good

As proponents of using ‘best practices in dental office design,’ Kapplers’ goal is to make the infamous dentist “hunch” a thing of the past. State-of-the-art ergonomics help the dentist and staff work longer and more efficiently. Ergonomics are a significant factor in making four-handed dentistry effective, but it’s also a concern for all team members throughout the office. Kappler’s dental office plans and equipment setups are entirely customizable to put all the tools within easy arm’s reach. A good example is our Ratio Gipsen design, which makes work in the plaster room less backbreaking.




















Never Skimp on IT

The faster you work, the more money you can make. So don’t let your digital capability lag behind the industry. The future of dentistry will require more advanced digital capabilities, so plan for increased bandwidth to accommodate patient growth and workflow efficiency. There’s no limit to what the future holds from wifi for every visitor, training for staff, entertainment for patients, data records, billing, and patient retention. The filing cabinets with patient records in the reception area will not exist forever. Instead, look forward to a gorgeous modern reception desk like the Kappler Dubai below.


modern dental office design ideas












The Best Ideas in MODERN Dental Office Design are Invisible

Now is the time to consider the advantages of consolidating dentistry tools where they won’t be seen—or heard. Some practices believe in having nitrous oxide delivery in every operatory; however, they don’t want it to be evident to the patients. Tanks and lines can be hidden in soundproof rooms—out of sight and still easily accessible. A soundproof room is also suitable for the practice’s water-less vacuum pump systems and advanced security and fire safety systems. By being out of sight, there’s less chance of agitating patients.


Let’s Keep the Discussion Going

As dental office interior designers and architects, the Kappler team dedicates itself to creating the best dental office design for your practice. Invest in a dental office design that is ready to grow with and serve you well in the future, aesthetically and efficiently. Kappler believes the right design is a crucial element to your financial success and, in turn, the best return on investment a dentist can make. Contact Kappler today to begin planning the dental office of your dreams.