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When it comes to designing a dental office for millennials and gen z, the team at Kappler pays special attention to what appeals to all your patients. However, in order to ensure our clients’ success, we also study new trends that will appeal to and excite the next generations. According to the Pew Research Center, anyone between ages 23 to 38 in 2019 is considered a Millennial, and anyone born from 1997 onward is part of a new generation, Generation Z.

Let’s Start with Millennials

With over 80 million members, the Millennials are the largest and most diverse generation in US history. This type of diversity makes it difficult to generalize a design that works for everyone, however, there are important trends that can be incorporated to make your new dental office design timeless.

 We think the best dental office design should include two concepts Millennials care about: Image and Sustainability.

There are important trends that can be incorporated to make your new dental office design timeless.

The Perfect Dental Office for Millennials

Image Drives the Best Dental Office Design

Millennials love to share images that excite them. It’s why Instagram is so wildly popular. And why we are starting to see specialized product offering such as selfie stations being marketed toward dentists. Such stations feature an iPad on a stand and various props that patients can use to create Instagram or other social media posts in the waiting room.

While this could be a useful tool for improving your social media and getting more recommendations for your practice, let’s remember that Millennials also highly value authenticity.

As dental office designers, we believe a timeless design should be an experience, and for millennials, an ‘Instagrammable Experience.’ For example, a Kappler dental office design has fantastic reception areas, sleek, modern waiting rooms, inviting operatories, and an experience to remember.

dental office design for millennials and gen z
In a Kappler office, Instagram opportunities are everywhere.

Our goal is to make your dental office interior design unlike anything your customers have ever seen. So fresh and breathtaking they cannot wait to share it with their friends online.  

My new dentist is on the Starship Enterprise!”

But It’s Not All About Image, It’s Also About Sustainability

Despite all the talk about the self-centeredness of Millennials, this generation also cares very deeply about the environment.

They like clean, minimalist spaces that invite the imagination but not at the cost of the environment. New dental office designs have an opportunity to incorporate green building materials, non-toxic paints and glues, and technological advancements that save time and materials into their own spaces—and in yours. Little touches such as reclaimed barn wood, energy-efficient lighting, low water use toilets, and ongoing recycling efforts go lightyears in the eyes of the millennial. 

Even your bathroom can be Instagrammable—with energy-efficient lighting, eco-responsible air-drying, low flow fixtures, and ADA-compliant.

At Kappler, we share this enlightened point of view about eco-driven design. It just makes good sense for everyone.

Once your dental office design is a reality, be sure to leverage it with all your patients. It’s a great theme for your own Instagram and social media campaigns as well as a point of difference you can highlight on your website.

Talk to Us More About Millennial Dental Office Design Ideas

At Kappler, many of our dental office designers are themselves Millennials and know from personal experience what motivates this important group. At Kappler, we pride ourselves on being an invaluable resource for dental office design ideas. We create dental interior designs that are both beautiful and seamless, with workflows that increase your productivity and patient/staff well-being. Talk to us about what can do for you in designing the dental office of your dreams.