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She stands there like a sculpture – the villa of a family of four from Ulm. The renowned Stuttgart architects Kauffmann, Theilig & Partner created an exciting architecture on a slope from inside to outside.

On a south-slope plot in the north-west of Ulm rises a two-story hideaway, which stands as if on a stage, the forest in the back and the city, like an audience, in front of him. The former orchard with its 1,300 square meters offers sufficient space to the neighboring buildings. To the west the view is free on meadows and fields, to the south the inhabitants look to the city of Ulm. The coarse horseshoe-shaped structure consists of two above-ground floors, the basement with underground parking is accessed by a driveway.

From there, the staircase on the north side of the building leads to the basement floor. This is characterized by the coarse-grained dark broom plaster with a horizontal structure from the cantilevered upper floor. The ground floor can be divided into three areas, which are already indicated by the building form: on the north side of the development, in the southeast the kitchen with adjoining pantry and in the west of the living area.

Floor Plan

The largely open floor plan is on the one hand, by the projecting and receding facade and on the other Structured by different room heights and levels, refined. This heterogeneous spatial pressure due to the differently sized and unevenly distributed glass elements constantly creates new visual relationships. It also creates as an impressive play of light and shadow, especially in combination with the pool in front of the house. Its interplay of reflection and reflection draws restless images on the gray, white and black surfaces of the architectural nerd.

The Gallery

The gallery above the living-dining area connects the upper floor and the basement level, both of which cover a courtyard. At the bottom, the two children’s rooms are arranged, separated by a shower room. Slightly offset over is the parents area with large bedroom, study and outdoor terrace.

The cantilevered cantons allow reinforced concrete, which forms the basic structure. The lime-based make for a pleasant indoor climate Plaster and the wooden floor of smoked oak. Furthermore, in their concept for this Ulmer villa, the architects attached as much importance to sophisticated energy production as to the precise architectural language. A geothermal heat pump provides the energy for the hot water and the thermal heat, the over surface heating at the Floor and distributed on the ceiling. Additionally, a controlled one Domestic ventilation provides fresh air and retains the heat in the building through heat recovery. So there are connections for a solar thermal system. Even if the house has a strong external effect, it is the compacted interior structure that makes up the villa.

Dieter Ban Kaufmann, Andrea Theilig and Rainer Lenz have been planning and building structures within the entire construction spectrum for 25 years. Together, with 40 employees, they work on projects on an international level in close cooperation with neighboring specialists.