Grace Dental

Natural lighting and elements played a large part in the design of Grace Dental. With a reception area centered in the building, our goal was to ensure that as much natural light filled the office as possible. We achieved this by implementing glass walls throughout the space. The Kappler Design team proposed a blue wave decal to provide color and privacy that coordinated with branding and provided a cool contrast against the wood paneling featured throughout the office.

Kappler Products Featured:

Cobra Carts
Oslo Consultation Desk + Storage
ITC Sterilzation
Boston Bench
Dublin Waiting Bench + Stools
X-Ray Cabinet
Restroom Sinks + Storage
Back Office
Reception Desk + Storage
Beverage Bar


“I am thankful to have partnered with Kappler on this journey. I know we could not have done it without their endless support, clear vision and gracious guidance. Kappler’s signature is all over our office, but their fingerprints are as well!” – Dr. Eric Kwon



Kappler Design


Menlo Park, California