7 Mile Beach Dental

Located on the Cayman Islands, this project is surrounded by water and the beach. This unique space offers plenty of windows to bring in natural light which we used as part of the Design through glass elements. The reception area is designed to feel like a Hotel Lobby, with a custom concierge Desk and a beverage bar. Dark wooden slats were inspired by the outdoors and bring in warmth and elegance. Large metal light fixtures add sophistication. The bigges wow factor of this space is the Doctors Surgery Room: A large consult area and treatment room are connected with an automatic glass sliding doors that turns into frosted glass with just the push of a button.

Kappler Products Featured:

Reception Desk
Oslo Consultation Desk
Componera Mobile Cart
ITC Sterilization
Boston Bench
CEREC Primemill Station
Beverage Bar
Admin Office
Staff Kitchen


Kappler Design


Cayman Islands