Your Design Team

The Perfect Fusion of Your Needs and Our Expertise


It is as simple as this: we focus on what is important to you and your patients. Each member of our talented team brings their own unique expertise and enthusiasm to dental office design, bringing your vision to life. No matter the phase of your career or stage in the project process, we will help you create your perfect dental practice design.


Who We Are

holger kappler - dental office design


Holger Kappler was not just taught to look at every detail. Creating great one of-a-kind designs is his passion and dedication. As third generation of the Kappler family business, he was growing up in an environment where design is more than a part of the daily life. His attention goes into every little detail, because perfection can only be found in the details.

We call him “The Brain” because even if you think you looked at every detail – he will find something to make it even better.

Julia kappler dental office design


Julia Kappler is the fourth generation of the company. After studying Interior Design in Germany she is now located in the US. No matter if Architecture, Art, Fashion, Food or Interior, she is always looking for great Designs. In every aspect of life. Her curiosity about seeing and learning about new things is endless. That’s her inspiration for unique designs.

We call her “The Visionary” because you can’t stop her imagination.



Heather Gaulden studied Interior Design at The Art Institute of Charlotte in Charlotte, NC and got a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design. She has been with the Kappler team since her graduation in 2017.

We call her “The 3D Master” because as soon as she gets into the 3D world – nothing will get her out there until she created something great.


The architect

Amer Sayma brings more than 15 years of experience in Architectural Design to the team. With multiple projects from the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Arabia he has seen many different places and cultures to create unique and one of a kind designs.