Listen to our first episode of “Kappler x SurfCT Talks” and learn about how we design aesthetic and functional Reception and Waiting Areas that your patients will love.

Transcription below:
Paul: All right wonderful well this is exciting. Last weekend Holger and I connected on Instagram live and it was really amazing to see the fanfare and how excited everybody got about the information that we shared. Now having run surf CT and Holger running Kappler we really understand how design and technology come together but we were surprised that when we shared it with everybody kind of how so many doctors said “wow that was the first time I ever heard of that.” And that makes a lot of sense so we decided to make something a little bit more formal and today we have Holger on and we also have Julia. Julia brings a unique set of skills to the table so Holger I’ll let you share with us a little bit about what we’re going to talk about today.

Holger: Sure April, yeah that was that was kind of interesting last Sunday. So it’s I think with this year we can bring it to to a little next level where we can give more information education just off how we do things or think about things to help the dentists out there and as you said I think it’s important to have Julia on this call here. She’s not my wife. She’s my daughter so she’s the fourth generation. She’s taking care of the u.s. operation based in Charlotte North Carolina and she’s mainly running the the the interior design part of the company and is a really important asset to really bring fresh new ideas into the dental offices. How they are designed she but I think she can also talk about more about herself because she studied in Germany in interior design and I think I just hand it over Julia now.

Julia: Yeah thank you yeah I’m glad that you guys brought me on. I watched your video of course and last week and it was very interesting to hear you collaborate. So yeah I mean my name is Julia and I brought a 3d work walkthrough today so I think it would be helpful for everyone who’s watching to kind of see some visual what we’re talking about so I’m just going to share my screen and just get started right away so that we can look at that all together. Can you see my screen?

Paul: Yeah this looks really good.

Julia: Okay yeah so to give you some information about what you see right here. This is an access that we built two years ago in California and what we did is that we basically prepared a 3d walkthrough of it so today we can just look at certain areas in that office together on the screen so what we’re gonna do is getting started where we get our first impression. So the waiting area is seating area reception desk so that’s where we want to get started today so walk right in here and especially in during the times right now this is really great because we can’t walk into an office and do a live video there so we just do it ours green screens.

Paul: Yeah this looks like we’re right in the office. This is really really nice. Wow.

Julia: Yeah so I’m just gonna go over here to the right we’re just right by the entrance so you can see your patients enter here and yeah today we just wanted to talk about how to design your waiting area your reception desk your front area and kind of see what kind of input you have calls from a technology standpoint and also on what we think are the good aspects of this office we’re looking at right here.

Paul: Absolutely well we’re right right away I can tell you that when I look at it I love how it’s at floor level with retail outside and you guys when you designed it you have the logo nice and big it’s backlit it’s a nice light blue pops against the gray and what I like about that is even when the office is closed or after-hours people walking by and even driving by can probably get a good view of the practice and what the brand is.

Holger: The thing that this space was actually a shoe store and the doctor who decided to go in there it’s a female doctor. She is really great and it’s her it’s her second office but this is kind of a start-up so she really does have this location as a brand new startup started two years ago it actually should start a year ago because we start designing two years ago and this also shows that two years ago we start with something that is already totally different but looks still state-of-the-art done yesterday and having this in a in a shopping center kind of is is really cool and a lot of attraction from the outside for the for the clients or the patients.

Paul: yeah and you have you know you have the logo and the brand forth and center and I actually feel like I recognize it because I think you guys also did a really cool video with this client is that correct? yeah that brand recognition as soon as you come into the practice is is so important so and Holger you bring up a good point you…

Holger: she was really just leading us to everything that was so fantastic she was just saying “hey I’m so busy I not want to touch anything here I trust you guys I throw everything on you just build it and let me over the key and let me work in there” and there’s what we’ve done 

Paul: so so it’s turnkey it was turnkey?

Holger: yeah 

Paul: yeah Wow Wow that’s really really nice and you know I like I like the way the the front desk is and enjoy if you could bring us around to the side it looks like part of that front desk kind of dips down a little bit so over here 

Julia: you can see that yeah right here and the reason why it is actually lower at that point is for ABA accessibility so it’s not just a design perspective it’s also functional so that’s what we always do whatever part of the office you look at you might just think oh it looks nice but most of the time there’s some thought behind it why it is the way it is

Holger: a cool thing in this setup is maybe if you swap over to the left side Julia where we can see the waiting area that kind of we have two areas which are really a part and I think this is something really nice and this setup that we have the reception area where the traffic is going through here you can see the traffic going this hallway down so nobody needs to walk through that the waiting area it’s kind of a separate room and all then you have these these wood stripes on the ceiling and on the on this part where the beverage bar is which also health was with the acoustics that I think this said I was just nice off having two separate areas for waiting and a reception area 

Paul: yeah it’s interesting you know you’re calling it a waiting room because as I look at it I really see it as a lounge right Ilan so we’re so used to in the industry like a waiting room but this looks like a lounge and the wood is interesting because I think the wood really warms up the space it gives it some warmth it gives it some texture but I didn’t realize it also serves as an acoustic and just like I didn’t realize the desk that was a little bit lower serves for ADA so so it’s nice when you can take design and and make it also functional right that’s really nice.

 Julia: I have a question so I just remember it last week you spoke about dental offices like they normally are here and then some differences that we might see in different countries so I realize that a lot of times here the reception desk and the waiting area I’m very close together so what we try to do is kind of separate them like hold your saying so that you have that more of a lounge feel and your patients have a separate area and they can hear all the conversations happening at the reception desk 

Paul: yeah this really looks like two different areas to me right so you have the reception desk and you have your lounge and you know it’s interesting you say that because you’re when you refer to it as one area I could see that it’s one it was one area at one point but you guys designed it to have two different complete feels which is really nice and what I love about your front desk is it’s not over bearing it’s not this huge desk that takes up all the space actually very very efficient and then the colors you chose as well and even the computers you know I’m a technology person I love the the white computers and the white screens and and the way that blends in so you don’t mess it up with a with a black screen or something that’s off-color but just really well balanced but when you look at this image here and then you shift to the other side it’s it’s two completely different spaces yet maybe when you walked into the building it looked like one space now it’s two different spaces is what it feels like but there 

Julia: yeah absolutely! 

Holger: let me point out two important things for our audience to really take maybe out of this conversation we have here we really strongly believe that you should not have kind of a call center here in the reception area you really should have this outsource into a big area somewhere people sitting here they only welcome people and to check out nothing else so check in check out and no phone calls that that’s one important thing that that we believe in this is a way better way of doing this instead of a patient’s walking in and needs to wait that until the person is hanging up so that’s not too nice and the second thing is if we go over to the waiting area also there what is really important what what and we talked about this last time a little bit like is to not have too many seeds there we in old days everybody was talking about to parappa touring but this is really not existing anymore so sure it depends on what kind of dentistry you’re doing and what kind of patients you have but in general it’s maximum one prophet ori that you should calculate on and these days where you have to stay more apart it’s maybe even getting to two less than that and we we do have offices really that we design and they have eight to nine operatories and we have only four seeds in the waiting area so this is really you have to be precise and scheduling really that the patients coming in they’re good way doing this because you’re not making the money if the people sit in the waiting area you make it if they’re in the room and and you have procedures with that 

Paul: yeah absolutely and again from a technology standpoint I just I just love what I see and and that logo right at the reception is so important we live in a world where we first connected last week on Instagram live people really enjoyed it and if you’re a doctor and you’re looking for a place to take a picture with your patient what a great place to take a picture right in the front with your logo behind you so you can create that that brand recognition you guys did a really really nice job here and I was super fascinated by the fact that the doctor turned this whole project over to you and you guys did this turnkey and I think that’s a really nice service it’s a really special service and I saw the video that she made for you guys on social media and I thought you know her reaction I didn’t realize you guys did this turnkey I thought she was super involved but it looks like she let you guys do your expertise but this here from from a technology standpoint this is a great place to take pictures with patients and have your brand be out there so Wow what a what a what a great talk here you know you got a waiting room in the lounge and two separate areas but really really nice really well done this was super exciting thank you so much Julia for sharing this with us

Julia: yeah 

Holger: do you want to go down at the down the hallway just one thing just to see a little bit and then turn around and then we wrap up maybe sure 

Julia: yeah I I mean there’s a lot more to an office to lay out the design that would work so then in the wedding area but I think this was a great start to let me just talk about that one area but everything else in here has all his functions design workflow technology so much more in here that we could talk about but not today 

Paul: well we should we should in the future definitely have a talk about what you know what lies in here because this looks really awesome so yeah 

Holger: I think what a topic also for the future could be just things like when talk about a workflow all’s about a single-entry which which capital was bringing in to do yes or back into the yes because that was normal 30 years ago but when we started five years ago to bring this into the yes back it’s really changing the industry and I think this is also topic we maybe can talk in one of our next videos to really help people understand why this is a benefit for the patient for a doctor and for their staff 

Paul: wonderful wonderful I look forward to to having that conversation and learning more about this but thank you so much Julia for joining us today thanks Julie yeah thank you for inviting me yeah thank you and I will talk to you soon take care all right have a good day

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